The virus that laid the golden egg

Every day fear is fed to us via the great Chinese virus. The elites will do anything to protect their narrative. Their full motivations cannot be known without getting inside the heads of the elites; however, there is no disputing that the Chinese virus is a huge moneymaker for some at the expense of others. Today we will examine the financial aspects of what is going on, as money is a great motivator of evil.

The first thing to understand is that the hogwash is everywhere. Let’s take a look at a site that says the “vaccine” companies are producing the “vaccines” out of a sense of altruism. That site is Shroders. (1). You would think that a company like Shroders would explain what is going on with the financial aspects of the pandemic, but they don’t. “The Covid-19 vaccines are a huge success story but this isn’t necessarily reflected in companies’ share prices. John Bowler, a specialist in healthcare investing, explains”. Understand that there are a whole lot of companies, and individual, who are invested in laying the golden egg. Few companies want to go against an incredibly profitable narrative.

Facts are facts, however. Forbes reported on 40 billionaires who made their fortunes from the virus and questionable vaccines. This was back in April 2021. The profits don’t just come from the “vaccines”, but from all sorts of equipment, masks, personal protective equipment and so on. (2)

In October the Guardian also noted that there are all these billionaires that have made their fortunes from the virus. According to the Guardian, the wealth of billionaires grew by 27.5% while others were being laid off and having their businesses closed by governments. (3) You can bet that altruism is not their motivation. They did this for profit. It’s also interesting to note that many of the billionaires are Chinese nationals, coming from the country of origin of the virus. Nine billionaires who made their fortunes off the “vaccines” are some of the same actors. (4)

So where does all this money come from? Take a look in the mirror. Now I hate to sound cynical or like a liberal, but the money has to come from somewhere. Someone is paying for it. Government does not produce anything. If you are uninsured, government covers it, which means it comes out of taxes. It can also come out of insurance. One way or the other, your “free” shot is costing you money. It is inevitable and undeniable. (5)

There is another issue when dealing with this situation. The figures will vary according to source, but hospitals are paid extra for coronavirus patients. Medicare pays an extra 20% for each coronavirus patient. Is it any wonder that most patients are of Medicare age (65 or older)?

Still we are told that this is not inconsistent or any fraud. The hospitals are simply making up for other services that they have not been providing. (6)

Then we come to the issue of mandates. In the early days of the coal mining towns of Appalachia, the coal company owned every business in town, and so they held miners in a tacit state of slavery. Now we have mandates that either force people to keep taking the ever more recurring shots, or lose their jobs. The translation to this is, you keep paying for their products as we discussed earlier, or you lose your job. Be a good bird and stay in your cage, I guess. Our next source is pushing for mandates, while it (ironically) has a name of The National Council of Non-Profits. So they push for mandates that are keeping the income streams coming, then have the nerve to call themselves non- profits. (7)

One thing is for certain. The elites are going to get as much out of the golden “goose” as they can, and it looks like this goose is going to keep laying its eggs for years to come.


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