Pandemic assassinations

Ever since the pandemic got into full swing, a disturbing trend has been on the left wing media. Prominent freedom loving patriots who question the official narrative on the so-called pandemic have been turning up dead, all supposedly killed by a virus that we know now is quite treatable. One of the things that is most disturbing about this is that the media seems to revel in the fact. Today we are going to look at these reports and discuss the possibility that at least some of these deaths are actually assassinations.

We will start by looking at mob/ mafia assassination methods and see if there is a correlation. Mob assassinations involve a number of different methods, and we don’t need to go into details on that. Mob life is brutal, and all sorts of brutal methods are used, hanging, knives, guns and so on. (1) The more I look at this entire narrative, the more I see what looks like a global crime syndicate, though there appears to be much more involved than that.

Now we don’t expect the mob to advertise on the 6 o’clock news, at least not the type of mob we are discussing. The type of mob we are discussing works out in the open. The fact remains that an entire global monetary empire has been created in just two years. Perhaps this will be the subject of a future posting. The Christian Bible calls the “love of money” the root of all evil. There are some serious money loving actors involved, and they don’t want their income streams to go away with a cure or a real vaccine that would actually stop the virus.

I first became aware of the deaths of these prominent conservatives dying under suspect circumstances when the information was posted on my own chat group. (2) I also saw it on the lame stream news where you open a new tab on your browser and you see the news stories. Every so often there would be a story of a prominent conservative who publicly denounced what they were seeing, from the statistics of huge numbers of people dying to vaccines and mandates. I also noticed that the media seemed to enjoy all this. How could that be? Aren’t these human beings? Apparently they are not viewed as such. That would be consistent with the way a mob assassin would look at things– it’s just business.

Let’s take a look at a sample posting from the Daily Beast. Cirsten Weldon was a Q-anon member and opposed mandates and the so-called vaccines. A quote from the Daily Beast article: “The vaccines kill, don’t get it!” Weldon warned the waiting vaccine recipients in an undated video posted to one of her online accounts. “This is how gullible these idiots are. They’re all getting vaccine!” (3)

And then she died. Fans demanded that she receive ivermectin for treatment, which the hospital refused. Ivermectin is used in combatting parasitic infections. The article goes on to talk about a number of conservatives who attended a conference and caught the virus, a rather suspicious “coincidence”. Embedded in the article is two different promotions for other prominent conservatives who likewise supposedly died of the virus.

Before one dismisses this as paranoia, the media openly admits that conservatives are dying of the virus. The Hill reports the same thing, that conservatives are dying from the virus. (4). It mentions Marcus Lamb, the co-founder of the Christian TV network Daystar, dying from the virus and then goes on to list a long list of conservatives who have died from or contracted the virus. This quote is typical “

Another Florida-based talk radio host Marc Brenier died of the virus after pushing anti-vaccine views on his show. 

According to The New York Times, Brenier said on his show in June that he was unvaccinated. “I’m one of them. Judge me if you want.” Then in July, he cited an unfounded claim that ‘45,000 people have died from taking the vaccine.’ Later Bernier accused the government of “acting like Nazis” for encouraging COVID-19 vaccines”. Again, a prominent conservative speaks out against what is going on, and then (we are told) died of the virus.

At the bottom of the article, it promotes the “vaccine” and another conservative who spoke out– and then died.

The general attitude toward all this can be found in this article from Medium. (5) At the top of the article, they state the following: “COVID Kills Three to Six Times More Republicans According to NPR Study
FOX, Trump, or both — guess who to thank?

Medium is actively celebrating these deaths! They go on to say “Results: For every 110 Democrats who die of COVID, 360 Republicans or more die due to misinformation, ideology, ignorance, harmful media choices, and the influence of dangerous political leadership”.

The trail next leads to the extreme Left and NPR. (6) the article discusses how there are more death among conservatives and republicans than there are among democrats. Of course they also heavily promote the “vaccine” and blame Donald Trump. At the top of the article is a photo of conservative demonstrators. It is almost as if NPR is sending a message. Abandon your conservative ways, your pro-American stance and take the shot, or else.

Now proving all this would task the greatest, most advanced forensics lab. That’s assuming that we could even get investigations into these deaths. Who do you investigate? The waitress who serves their food? A left wing leaning preacher that the victims listen to every Sunday? How you would prove something like these assassinations, if that is what they are? It’s nearly impossible to do so. For now, I think we have to concentrate on the attitudes online, with celebrations happening each time one of these prominent conservatives dies, supposedly of this disease. This type of assassination is very easy to prove. It is character assassination, a standard tool of the Left wing media.

In the mean time, if you are a prominent conservative and a critic of the official narrative, maybe it would be a good idea to know exactly who is serving or cooking your food. The mob would love to have a potent assassination tool like the virus, if they don’t already. They would be much less interested in the primary assassination toll of the Left wing media, the art of character assassination. That’s one type of assassination that can be proven.


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