Racist Medical Policies

This is a difficult topic by its very nature, as racism is always difficult to deal with. However, I feel that it is necessary to say something about what is happening in the USA, especially in terms of treatment for the Wuhan flu. Today we will look at states and private organizations that have instituted racial discrimination policies in medicine and the results of those policies.

The first thing to note is that even religious organizations that run medical systems are not always guilt free in this regard, not that they feel any guilt. A major hospital system recently had such a race based discrimination policy, aimed at elevating ethnicities other than whites in coronavirus treatment.

“One of the largest hospital systems in the country is dropping its policy that counted race as a more important factor in determining COVID-19 treatment options than diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hypertension combined”. (1,2). The SMS hospital system is Catholic based and was threatened with legal action if they did not back off. The SMS system has dropped its racist policy, at least for now.

Lawsuits have also been filed against Utah and Minnesota over policies that target race. Both have a similar point system that automatically gives preference to non-whites in terms of scarce treatments. (3) The concept at least in Minnesota applies to BIPOC people who are essentially non whites. The state of Minnesota is unapologetic about the race based treatments. BIPOC people are simply given priority. (4) In Utah, being BIPOC is given two points in priority for treatment.

In New York a policy similar to the discriminatory policies noted above is in place. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, New York is looking at the race of coronavirus victims, giving some preference to non-white ethnicities. This is backed up by the New York website, in plain view. (5,6)

The push is on by race baiters in society to institute some kind of “reparations” by actively discriminating against whites. Even doctors have gotten into the act, proposing illegal actions in order to make things “fair”. (7). So have hospitals been doing this?

One such incident happened at a hospital in Virginia which turned away American citizens in favor of Afghan refugees. We can see therefore that this is not just a discrimination policy that can affect whites, but other ethnicities as well. (8)

This entrenched racism against whites is by no means limited to state and private organizations. The Food and Drug Administration is actively advocating for treatments to be tailored according to race. (9,10). Here we have a major cabinet level organization advocating for what is essentially discrimination against whites.

This racism comes right from the top as well. Joe Biden is reportedly offering financial incentives to make medicine “less white”, whatever that means. This has to do with Medicare reimbursement, offering more money for doctors who adopt the program. One could envision a day when whites could be relegated to second class status in health care.

Racism is not always out in the open, and racist policies need to be rooted out. Policies like these will come back to bite those who (it is claimed) the policies are protecting. We can only work at trying to reverse these policies into color blind policies, which is the way it should be.

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