Authoritarian media outlets pushing tyrannical virus policies

I have spent a great deal of time on tyrants in government, but today we are going to look at authoritarian thinking in the media. It’s hard to know how so many authoritarian thinkers got into the media, but they have a huge impact on public policy.

Look nearly anywhere and you can find authoritarian thinking online. Take for instance the following article where the author is relatively passive, but fully supportive of tyranny. A group of leftist agitators from medicine, science and other disciplines are demanding that the podcasting site Spotify institute a “misinformation” policy specifically to silence their most popular podcaster Joe Rogan. Mashable was drooling with the idea of silencing Rogan. (1,2). Spotify has not responded, but it is shocking how many authoritarian thinkers can be in this country trying to censor free speech. It seems that every time a free thinker comes on the internet, the authoritarians move in to shut them down, and the media is all for it.

In Utah the Salt lake Tribune is calling for martial law to be instituted on the unvaccinated! (3) The newspaper calls for deploying the national guard in order to keep the unvaccinated in their homes. This is clearly authoritarian thinking and runs contrary to American principles of freedom and self-determination. How authoritarians could get into the media and newspaper editorial positions is hard to understand.

Freedom protests have broken out all over the world, and the left wing media has not been kind in this regard. Even when the media does not directly suggest support for authoritarian measures. Take an article by Yahoo! concerning international measures. There is condemnation for authoritarian measures such as putting people essentially under house arrest. (4) The article mentions a number of authoritarian measures, acting as if they are normal acts rather than acts of tyranny.

The left wing media has been very efficient in silencing so-called conspiracy theories. NY Assembly bill A-416, which essentially would create concentration camps for the unvaccinated, but Reuters denied that there was any danger from the bill. It dates back to the Ebola scare, and has been reintroduced by an authoritarian Lawmaker, assemblyman Nick Perry. While it is true that the bill has little chance of going anywhere, the fact that this authoritarian authored this is frightening enough. Reuters however seems completely unconcerned with the existence of the bill. (5)

It may be that some in the media might be coming around. According to the NY Post, CNN is starting to look at authoritarian measures a little more. It claims that certain members of the media are starting to question the official narrative, especially CNN. It’s hard to imagine CNN ever outwardly questioning the official narrative, but it does appear that there may be a glimmer of hope in this. (6) One of their reporters, Don Lemon, publicly is calling for discrimination against the unvaccinated. (7) He calls for keeping the unvaccinated away from offices, businesses and such. Lemon is clearly an authoritarian in his views, yet no one in the mainstream media is calling him out.

One recent editorial by an authoritarian who works for the LA Times, says it all. The title is “Column: Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary”. The article was written by Michael Hiltzik, who thinks that laughing at the deaths of high profile conservatives to will not get vaccinated and oppose authoritarian measures is justifiable. Anyone who thinks like that can only be thought of as an authoritarian. (8)

We have touched on a few authoritarian sources from the media. Tomorrow I know I will see more stories that lean toward authoritarian views. Unfortunately while there are some good media sources that uphold the values of freedom, but there are also other media sources who employ those with authoritarian views, and who flaunt their views openly.


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