The Zookeepers

Most people have been to a zoo at one time or another. We all look at the animals kept in cages, and some in habitats. A gorilla in a “habitat” still knows that it is in a cage. I have seen their flinging their own feces at the viewing humans. Never growing up did I ever think that we would be on the other side of the bars, however. In a previous post “People are alike all over, well maybe” I hinted that possibly these are other than humans who are ruling over us. Today I hope to look a little more in depth at the experimentation and yes, zookeeping that is going on. Now this has been slowed by war in Europe, but it has not stopped. Our zookeepers are hard at work, making nefarious plans for us.

We will start with the World Economic Forum, a yearly gathering of global elites and oligarchs, founded by Klaus Schwab, an oligarch of unimaginable power and wealth, and one who regards us common folks as little more than zoo animals. You can find a dubious, glowing bio of Schwab, who was born in Germany in 1938, at reference 1.

The gathering of oligarchs and global elites is set to meet at Klosters, Switzerland, from Sunday 22 to Thursday 26 May. Schwab has said “Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, said: “After all the virtual meetings taking place in the last two years, leaders from politics, business and civil society have to convene finally in person again. We need to establish the atmosphere of trust that is truly needed to accelerate collaborative action and to address the multiple challenges we face.”” It sounds good on its face, but it should scare anyone seeing these global elites from various political backgrounds gathering in unity and purpose. Again, the common people are left out of any decision-making process, the same way that zoo animals are.

One oligarch who needs no introduction is Bill Gates. He is on record as saying that in first world countries, no one should be allowed to eat real beef, and those in third world countries should only be allowed to eat genetically modified beef. Truly this individual looks down his nose at us common folks. (3)

The Great Reset, one of the most terrifying phrases that I have ever read, is looming. Once again, it was slowed by the war, but it has not stopped, only slowed down. This “Great Reset” should have the sheeple alarmed as it means scarce energy and food, and a near total loss of freedom. Although Christian sites have steered clear largely, they have started waking up to what is happening. Muslims should also be concerned, as they are not immune. (4)

Then we come to the climate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has produced its report, and has said that “we can no longer afford to wait”.

“Commenting on the report, Madelyn Morrison, External Affairs Manager, Carbon Capture Coalition (CCC) emphasised the importance of using such technology to offset emissions from hard-to-abate heavy industry, aviation and other sectors before eventually removing legacy carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the atmosphere”.  Here we have an unelected bureaucrat, one of our zookeepers, who makes a decision and we have no choice in this. (5)

The IPCC has members from nearly every country on Earth. Most notably, Russia and Ukraine, who are war, are both members, and even Iran is as well. Of course, the USA is a cooperating member, despite being a so-called enemy of Iran. (6) This powerful board has no responsibility to the taxpayers.

In the USA, a terrifying list of unelected organizations and bureaucrats is really dramatic. These organizations have no responsibility to the voters. The list is too extensive to go over here. (7)

The experimentation on humans during the so-called pandemic caused more harm than good. According to the Manhattan Institute, lockdowns caused more harm than good. Infections were already declining when lockdowns were imposed. (8) The lockdowns failed to limit the scope of the disease, and only harmed society, destroying lives and businesses.

This mentality goes down even to the local level, where arrogant (and elected) school boards have been essentially ignoring what parents want. One US senator, Ron Johnson, is encouraging parents to run for local school boards. He is concerned with the teaching of things like Critical Race Theory and various sexual practices that many parents don’t want their children exposed to. Yet arrogant zookeepers running local school boards continue censoring parents that they are paid to represent. (9)

There is no evidence proving that these zookeepers are anything but red-blooded humans, and we don’t want to get into conspiracy theory. However, is does seem fair to say that the zookeepers do not look at us the same way that we look at them. Perhaps people would be justified looking at the zookeepers the same way that the gorilla in a cage looks at us, except that we cannot sling our own feces at them. It also seems that our voting against them is another thing that, in most cases we can’t do. Truly we are little more than zoo animals to these zookeepers.




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