The Quest Against Fire

Since our primitive cave man days, fire has been a vital force, shaping civilization and allowing for advancement to a technological level that once was just the stuff of science fiction.

Today, however, nefarious forces around the world want to eliminate all fossil fuels, and even all carbon based fire. Today we will look at the wicked forces at work to revert the human race to a primitive, non-technological species or eliminate us altogether. We will look at the quest against fire.

Assuming that we really did come from cave dwellers, fire was a fundamental building block, allowing early humans to to keep warm in cold climates and spread to parts of the globe that were inaccessible before. (1)

Fire’s benefits have been numerous to humans. Cooking food destroys parasites and diseases that would otherwise infect people. It has assisted the building of social groups of societies and helped make lands fertile for growing crops. (2) Fire has enabled travel and improved the humans species far beyond crude, grunting creatures. (3)

Despite all this, there are those who would eliminate all fossil fuels, even wood fire, forcing reliance on unreliable “green” sources of electricity. But dust is a huge concern in wind farms, wearing down windmills and causing high and extreme levels of maintenance. (4) Solar panels also don’t work during the night or dark periods. There still is a tremendous need for fossil fuels to power civilization.

Some however, don’t see it that way. The elimination of fossil fuels is on their agenda, and some want to ban all carbon based fire, even wood. The attack on fire goes back quite some time. The UN for instance, has been attacking both diesel engines and wood burning for over a decade. (5) The claim is that black carbon can cause warming because it absorbs sunlight. The simple fact of the matter is that fire based backups are essential in cold climates. In December 2022, a vicious storm rolled through Western NY, knocking out power and killing dozens. Electric heat alone cannot keep people warm. (6)

As I said earlier, wicked forces want to eliminate fire. The attack on fossil fuel devices is proceeding at a furious pace. In Canada, the assault on fire is well underway, all in the name of climate change. But if a major event were to knock out the power during winter, the results could be catastrophic. Even a storm from space could take out power, causing millions potentially to freeze to death. In March, 1989 a space storm knocked out power in Canada, and without backups, could have been much worse, with people freezing to death if it happened in the coldest part of winter. (8)

But those attacking our use of fire don’t care, leading one to wonder exactly who or what we are dealing with. Sites such as Climate insist on taking away fossil fuels from the people. (9) There seems to be no foresight as to what the consequences for civilization would be.

In California, the tyrant governor Gavin Newsom is banning the gasoline engine, and is further abusing the residents of his state by severely restricting the availability of fossil fuels. Newsom is an example of a vicious, nefarious man who is against the people who he was elected to serve. (10) Similarly in New York State governor Kathy Hochul wants to take the benefit of fire away from the people by eliminating gas stoves. (11) These are ruthless tyrants, but not even the Soviet Union did this type of thing. The tyrannical government in New York City is doing just that, eliminating the benefit of fire from the people. (12) The city of Berkley, California, obviously run by tyrants, did this more that 3 years ago. (13)

Even outdoors sites getting on the anti-fire bandwagon. Outside online wants to ban a tradition, the campfire! This addiction to tyranny is inexplicable, and seems to be spreading. The force that has helped shape our advancement from primitive, grunting humans to the advanced technological age is under attack, with these tyrants wanting to eliminate fire.

I have saved the best for last, or maybe the worst. If all this seems like paranoia, then take a look at reference 16. This site wants to ban ALL carbon based fire, all in the name of saving us, of course.

One could only wonder what will happen if these fiends get their way. Imagine a world without campfires, fireplaces, gas cooking and heat. It’s a terrifying prospect. Perhaps we will survive, but we had best learn to grunt.


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