People are alike all over, well maybe

In the classic Twilight Zone episode “People are Alike all Over”, Rod Serling imagined two astronauts going to Mars. One meets his demise, while the other gets assistance from friendly Martians who even set him up in his home. The problem is, it turns out to be a “habitat” like the elaborate cages afforded some zoo animals on this planet. Then the character played by actor Roddy MacDowell is heard to remark “People are alike all over”. In our complicated world today, things are rarely what they seem, and is just may be that Serling was uncomfortably close to the truth.

It was early 2020 and the specter of a new disease, a virus originating in Wuhan China was on few peoples’ minds. Suddenly the lockdowns started. We were told “Two weeks to Flatten the Curve”, meaning we could have our freedom back. (1)

That did not happen, the way we were told. It took a year or so before things started opening back up, depending on where you were. What’s more, this was a worldwide phenomenon that showed coordination between nations on an unprecedented scale. Compare that to the Spanish flu in WW 1. While mask wearing and lockdowns did happen in many places, there was no coordinated effort to stop the virus. The killing went on unabated, with an estimated 50 Million killed. (2)

All of a sudden in late March 2020 approximately, there was a coordinated effort worldwide to lock the citizens of each country down. Such coordination has never been seen on a global scale to my knowledge, yet this virus as a percentage of population has proven to be far less dangerous than the Spanish flu, as that one killed several times as many with a substantially smaller population. (3)

It became gradually clearer that the population of this planet was being experimented on, for reasons undetermined. The effects of social isolation were and still are being keenly felt. (4) To many of us, it looked and felt as if we were animals in some kind of zoo, being experimented on and being kept fat and happy in cages of our own making. Given that it has long since been proven that we are all the same species, this seemed incredible that we would be treated in this manner. Your skin color and ethnicity was irrelevant. the only thing that seemed to matter was compliance.

Then the propaganda started, and so did the censorship, on an unprecedented scale. Gradually it became clear that the masses were being indoctrinated on the subject of the pandemic, and that this too was experimental in nature. (5)

Social media began censoring any contrary opinions, and this again happened worldwide. While it may have bene the norm for countries like authoritarian China, it shocked many of here in the West, being unable to express our opinions and share information on the subject. (6)

Things gradually got worse and continue to get worse. In Australia, for example, an authoritarian government reared its ugly head, something that we never expected. (7) One Australian official instructed people not to talk to one another! (8) This is definitely an experiment in social control, but who are the experimenters?

Many public officials have been caught on camera violating the same rules that we are made to obey. Even the current occupant of the White House has been caught flaunting the rules. (9, 10)

This indicates to me that many to most of these public officials that are controlling us simply don’t believe their own words. It reminds me of being once again, an animal caged in a zoo.

Along came a “vaccine” which is the subject of endless debate, if anyone is allowed to talk about it. The truth is that these “vaccines” are experimental in their nature, not having gone through the typical rigorous testing that would normally be afforded them. Yet they have been touted collectively as a savior.

By the time that the so-called vaccines were rolled out, more than a few people were growing suspicious of what they were told. Mass protests began happening on an ever increasing scale. Curiously, they have been less intense here in the United States.

After the “vaccines” were rolled out and became widely available, a large segment of the population began stubbornly resisting them, which in turn led to mandates. The anger over those mandates, and the refusal of people to take the shot, has clearly perplexed officials as if they are clueless about basic human nature. Perhaps their confusion could be relieved by accessing the VAERS data from the CDC website. (11) The reference is to a private website that collates the CDC reports of adverse reactions to the “vaccines”.

Now I am not going to say here that aliens are controlling us, but at some point it is mandatory that we start questioning just who we are being ruled by. They seem to be so different from us in their methods of thinking, yet externally there appears to be no difference. Science fiction has imagined aliens that look exactly like us taking over many times, and Martians who look exactly like us and put a fictional astronaut in a “habitat”. (12) Well we are supposed to be all one species. Science has proven this, or so we think. Perhaps everyone, white, yellow, black, brown and red or whatever are all the same species. Perhaps people really are alike all over, but that may not be exactly the case. Some day we may be shocked to find out who has put us in cages, whether real or psychological.


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