America Under Siege

On February 3, 2023 a terrible event happened in East Palestine, Ohio that has shaken this country to its core. A train loaded with toxic chemicals derailed, poisoning the area, but got minimal coverage from the main stream press until public pressure forced it into limelight. (1) This train derailment while terrible, is only one part of a disturbing pattern of so-called accidents and under covered incidents affecting our food supply, transportation, energy sectors and possibly more. Today we will look at these incidents, which are nearly ignored by the mainstream media and flippant politicians who would rather deal sexual matters and “diversity” than face the facts of America under siege.

The food supply of this nation has been badly disrupted by a string of fires at food processing plants. These so-called accidental fires are being being covered by those of us who want to know the truth, but are shamefully dismissed by mainstream sources such as the City Journal .org. (2) Looking at the title of the of the link, I had thought this site was going to cover the incidents fairly, but instead immediately the article breaks down into the usual name calling, saying that those who are investigating these fires “conspiracy theorists: and suggesting that they are suffering from mental illness, such as “frequency illusion.” A free press has the responsibility to ask questions, but sources like the City Journal simply say what the politicians want them to say. Mainstream sources are sometimes called the mockingbird media as a result.

We are going to look at some examples of food processing plant fires and disasters on farms. One of the most recent is a fire at a Purdue processing plant which started in a grain drier in Chesapeake, Virginia. (3). This is typical of the types of fires affecting our food supply, but the mainstream media would rather cover “diversity” stories than even admit to what is going on. Before we go on, I wish to express my gratitude to the House of David site below for having the intestinal fortitude to provide a list of these fires. (4)

Another example of this is a fire at a food processing plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A fire broke out in the General Mills plant there, apparently in the rafters of the plant. Fortunately no one was injured, but it is typical of these incidents. (5)

The assaults on our food supply are not limited to food processing plants. On January 31, 2023 a fire broke out at the largest chicken egg farm in the nation, destroying the farm and an estimated 100,000 egg laying hens. (6) Like so many other incidents, this has not even made national headlines. It takes citizen journalists, watching for suspicious stories such as this one, to expose them, as the mockingbird media simply ignores them.

One incident that the mockingbird media cannot explain in terms of a simple fire is when a plane, for unknown reasons, crashed into an Idaho food processing plant, seriously damaging the plant and killing the pilot. This is reminiscent of the Kamikaze suicide attacks on allied ships in the Pacific theater during WW2. Yet, there is media silence on the incident. (7)

These are just a few examples of what certainly looks like a pattern of so-called accidents affecting our food supply. Before we move on, I wish to give dishonorable mention to the National Fire Protection Association, which like the mockingbird media, wants the public to ignore these incidents and pretend that nothing is going on. No, we won’t. Shame on the National Fire Protection Association for aiding the irresponsible media in the coverup of these fires. (8)

Now we will look at the attacks on our energy supply. These attacks cannot be called accidents, when it is snipers using firearms to attack substations. (9) It should be noted that the pattern of covering these incidents up goes back years. Take an incident from 2013 where an attack on PG&E’s Metcalf substation, while undeniable, was incredibly NOT ruled as terrorism. (10) They claimed that this probably the work of a “disgruntled employee” with a rifle. Another incident is swept under the proverbial rug. (10) Unlike the suspicious fires at food processing plants, the mockingbird media is covering these incidents to a limited extent. The USA Today, to their credit, did a breakdown on some of these attacks. (11) Even the media cannot dismiss these incidents, even if the FBI does. Today the FBI is known to be 100% politicized, no longer serving the people of the USA, but jumping at the whim of politicians.

On January 17, 2023 a suspicious fire broke out at a Hutchinson County, Texas oil refinery (12) Six workers were injured in the fire, and as usual it is “under investigation”. The mockingbird media gives only lip service to an incident like this, and moves along to stories like drag queen story hour, ignoring the apparent attacks that seem to be plaguing the country.

Now for our third segment, we will look at train derailments. It is an acknowledged fact that about 1000 train derailment incidents happen each year. That is from official statistics. (13) Certainly, most of these incidents can be identified as accidents. Then along came the East Palestine catastrophe, which has brought train derailments into the limelight, and given another subject for the mockingbird media to dismiss. Take an article by Yahoo! which is an integral part member of the mockingbird media. (14) Once again, the janitor is sweeping the information “under the rug”, with Yahoo! claiming it was just an accident, nothing to see here and move along. Yet this disaster has poisoned the area, and possibly other states as well.

Shortly after the catastrophe in East Palestine, another Norfolk Southern train derailed in Michigan. (15) It is only right to question these incidents, especially when they cause major damage to the environment. Yet another incident was reported on March 6, 2023 (16), this time in Clark county Ohio. This train was also carrying chemicals, but we are told that there is no danger. We have heard that line before.

Just recently, yet another incident occurred in Arizona, on the interstate near Tucson, when a truck carrying dangerous Nitric Acid, overturned and sprayed the acid over the area. This happened on February 14, St. Valentine’s day. This is eerily similar to the East Palestine disaster, though smaller. (17) From the article: “The Tucson Fire Department said it was helping “control the hazmat and brush fire incidents” at the crash site. The extent of injuries and whether other vehicles were involved were not explained, nor was the accident’s cause or scope of the spill”.

Now we will look at the East Palestine railway catastrophe. As noted earlier, this happened on February 3, 2023. A train owned by Norfolk Southern derailed near the town of East Palestine, Ohio. At first, there was little or no media coverage of the incident. However, conservative media outlets and the sickened residents of East Palestine would not let it go. Unlike the food plant fires, the cause of this incident is known. A bad bearing on an axle failed, and caused the train to crash. (18). No attempt to drain off the dangerous Vinyl Chloride that the train was carrying, but rather to burn it off. (1). This is known to release phosgene gas, which is by definition a weapon of war, a chemical known as a choking agent. Another dangerous gas released was hydrogen chloride. (19) From the article: “Some of the derailed cars also released ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate, isobutylene and butyl acrylate, all of which can cause lung irritation, nausea and dizziness. Most of these leaked out of the cars without vaporizing and ended up in the Ohio river causing some damage to wildlife”. It is only right to question if the release of these chemicals was intentional. The results have been devastating. Even CBS has been covering it. People have been sickened by the chemicals, and wildlife destroyed. It’s a disaster that will be remembered for a long time. (20)

Even though we know what caused the accident, the actions of politicians compel suspicion. Joe Biden ignored it completely, running off to Ukraine and promising the warring country huge quantities of money. (21) This type of behavior, with Biden ignoring his own citizens is at best disgraceful. It also breeds suspicion in any thinking person. Former president Trump by contrast went to east Palestine, handing out basic supplies like water. (22)

If some of us are suspicious, it’s because we are not getting answers. It’s because public officials are obsessed with all sorts of things, rather than serving the citizens that they are supposed to represent. And it’s because we have a media that employs a powerful a powerful weapon to avoid discussion of these incidents: silence. What some call conspiracy theorists are often just citizens who want answers, but are getting denials and debunking instead.


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