Alien to humans

Our planet seems to be under siege from an other than human force which wants to radically transform The Earth. While hard evidence is lacking for anything other than human beings being at fault, we will nonetheless look at the facts and information concerning this. Are we looking at a force that is alien to humans? Whatever we are dealing with wants to reduce the Earth to a frozen, dark planet with little or no life, but why? We will also examine efforts to eradicate the ability of the human race to procreate, and how humans are facing a push toward androgyny (the elimination of sexes). It is necessary to see the big picture as the eradication of the Earth’s biosphere, and the human race, seems to be the goal.

We will start with how the other than humans (OTHS’s) want the Earth reduced to a frozen, uninhabitable (by humans) planet, devoid of Carbon Dioxide and without Nitrogen in the soil.

A PBS Nova special called “Can We Cool the Planet?” talks about eradicating CO2 from the atmosphere. One thing that PBS is talking about is physically removing CO2 by Direct Air Capture. Fortunately, according to the video, it is not possible for the OTH’s to remove all of the CO2. At least that’s what they say. If these malevolent OTH’s were able to do this, it would doubtless cool the planet– and eliminate nearly all life on Earth. With no CO2 available for photosynthesis, green plants would all die off, and so would virtually every life form on Earth.

The same Nova episode talks about another scheme, this one to take away part of our sunlight, reducing our earth to a frozen world with a climate much like Mars, the continents covered with ice sheets miles deep and with the world deep in darkness. Our “scientists” know this and are thus working for their own extermination. (1)

In fairness to scientists, not all want to eliminate sunlight, and some are fighting the idea. Various particle schemes and brightening the planet are being fought, though there seems to be no way to stop the OTH’s from attempting it. (4) The plans by these OTH’s have been around for decades, usually involving putting particles in the atmosphere, with well-known celebrities like Bill Gates getting into the act. (5,6)

Another attempt at blocking the sun is called cloud whitening, or cloud brightening. This involves using seawater to inject salt crystals into the clouds in order to deflect some sunlight from the planet. This is untested. (7)

In the Holland the government is working hard to eliminate plant life, perhaps as a test, but using another method. The elimination of Nitrogen from the soil is the goal. (2) This would just as effectively eradicate plant life as the elimination of CO2 would, with the exception of a class of plants called legumes, which have the ability to fix nitrogen from the air in symbiosis with bacteria. (3) The call for eradication of Nitrogen is puzzling, as the gas comprises 80% (roughly) of the atmosphere! Someone, or some thing, wants this planet without CO2 and without nitrogen. We will have to wait and see if the Dutch desire to eliminate nitrogen is just a fluke of deranged politicians or whether it is related to the anti-CO2 push that is generally happening.

One more fanciful scheme of the OTH’s is moving the Earth out of its orbit. These scheme too has been around for some time. Simply put, it would move the Earth further out. Fortunately ate this time we have no ability to do this deranged thing. (8)

Now we will shift gears and talk about engineering the human race. There is a full-on war against the human race itself. The push from those I call the Zookeepers to eradicate human reproduction is taking a feverish tone. This is a multi-faceted subject. We will start with drag queen story hours.

Children are being taught that this is normal to have drag queens telling stories in libraries. It is clearly a way to twist the minds of children, and perhaps steer them away from procreation. There is even a site for this at reference 9. It gets worse, however.

Another effort to restrict human reproduction, and a direct one, is the use of puberty blockers. As is suggested, these puberty blockers are designed to stop puberty, and thus procreation. (10) These puberty blockers can result in lasting damage, and some children do not resume puberty after the drug is discontinued. This is an attack on human fertility. (11)

In another effort to push us toward androgyny, trans males are participating in female sports and occupations, further blurring the line between the sexes. (12) Women are rapidly losing their place in society, thanks to the efforts of the OTH’s.

If an alien force wanted to remake the earth for their own purposes, they night resort to using human technology, rather than risk almost certain detection by humans by using their own technology. By alien force, I am not saying aliens from space, or ruling them out. These Zookeepers may be fully human, though it’s not clear how. Speculation is worthless. The best tools we have are the camera and the microphone. They want this planet frozen, and without life giving carbon dioxide and sunlight. They want this planet further from the sun. It sounds like a bad science fiction plot, and I wish it was. Truly whatever we are dealing with is alien to humans, whether these are deranged, suicidal “people” or something else. They want the human race gone from this planet, rendered impotent and unable to procreate. If these are not actual aliens from space, then whoever, or whatever, we are dealing with are alien to humans. Those of us who still claim humanity must find a way to identify them and stop them. We are being led to our own destruction. Don’t expect flying saucers to vaporize us. With this compliance, they don’t have to.


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