Vaccine Zombies

After the rollout of the so-called vaccine for the coronavirus, claims began to circulate about the safety of the mRNA vaccines. One area that has never been explored is the fact that these vaccines use Amino acids in the production of the spike protein that is supposed to provoke an immune response. One does not need to be a biologist to realize that these amino acids are being diverted away from the synthesis of normal proteins in favor of the spike protein. Since the introduction of the mRNA vaccine, we have seen a marked increase in random violence. We will examine possible links between the two.

It is almost impossible, and beyond the scope of this blog posting, to directly link the mRNA vaccines and violent behavior. What we will do is examine the role of the vaccine in affecting neural tissue and health. First we must understand what MRNA is.

We all know that our DNA carries the instructions that our bodies need in order to function. Our cells are in essence miniature factories, that create proteins and all sorts of different body chemicals needed for our daily living. It starts at the nucleus with Messenger RNA. This is a strand of Ribonucleic acid that takes an impression from the nucleus, and then heads out into the cytoplasm. This is a process called transcription. (1) Transfer RNA delivers the needed amino acids to the Ribosomes, which are the actual miniature factories where their own RNA assembles the proteins. Those proteins then perform various functions within the body.

There are 9 “essential” amino acids, and 11 “non-essential amino” acids that make up human proteins. Essential amino acids must be consumed; the rest can be produced in the body. What would happen some of these amino acids were used in constructing proteins that are foreign to the human body? Those amino acids might not be available for producing body proteins. It would be dependent on the amount available for use. This is what an mRNA vaccine does. (2) The number of amino acid components used varies per source, but it is generally reported to be over 1200. (3)

It would take a biologist to explain how much that depletes the cells, but protein synthesis is a very energy intensive occupation for a cell, which mean that a cell whose ribosomes are putting out many spike proteins is using much of its energy into a process that is not part of its normal functioning. (4)

This leads to the human brain, which is the organ which most affects human behavior. Once it was thought that muscle tissue was much more active in protein synthesis, but it turns out that brain tissue actually has that distinction. (5) It’s not hard to understand how, if the brain cells were forced to produce spike proteins instead of their regular proteins, this could cause the brain to become erratic.

Negative effects on the brain by the mRNA vaccines has been noted. A study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics society discusses cases of delirium among nursing home patients, which are the easiest group to study because they don’t leave their living quarters. (6) Whether such delirium could happen among younger immunized people has not been proven. However, the Florida Health department cites references on such maladies as Bell’s palsy and encephalitis. (7) Encephalitis is proof that there is brain involvement.

Psychosis is under examination as well. It goes without saying that that altering one’s brain chemistry generally will not have good results. (8)

So now that we have established that their may be psychiatric involvement, we will look at a few incidents of zombie- like behavior.

In Los Angeles, California attacks by mentally unstable homeless people are ramping up, as reported by KTLA. (9) One incident involved a man’s being attacked by a homeless man with a pipe. Other attacks as well are on the rise in LA county.

In NYC a woman was dragged off a bench by a group of zombie like individuals. She was treated for her injuries. (10) In Canada random attacks with stabbings are on the increase, though downplayed by their National Post (11).

The breakdown of social fabric is remarkable. In the San Francisco bay area, for instance is well known. (11) Defecation and urination are now common practices out on the street.

As I said before, it is impossible to know how much of this is due to the negative effects of the vaccine. However, we have noted that research into the effects of the vaccine are continuing. Perhaps the recent zombie-like rampage of over 600 youths in Chicago is a clue. (13) The violence is escalating, and there is clear evidence that there are psycho-active effects. Some of us have been saying this all along. These are not the zombies of the movies. They are not the walking dead. But perhaps in the end as this grows it may well mimic a bad horror film.


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