Understanding the alien abduction syndrome

In the decades since World War 2, a new syndrome has arisen. Many people believe that may have been abducted by alien beings, taken from their beds in the middle of the night and experimented on. Today we will examine evidence of injuries called scoop marks, and also study related issues and history.

The most famous case of alien abduction is the Betty and Barney Hill story (1) They were a couple from New Hampshire who were driving home from their honeymoon on September 19, 1961 when according to them they noticed a bright light following their vehicle. Eventually they stopped to confront the light, only to see that it was some type of hovering craft.

After returning home, the couple found that Betty’s zipper was stained and torn, and Barney’s shoes were scuffed. They also lost two hours of time that they could not account for. (2) The couple said that under hypnotic regression they had indeed been taken inside a metallic craft and had been subjected to medical examinations. The physical evidence, along with a star map that corresponds to the Zeta 2 Reticuli star system, which was unusual information for a social worker to know. (3)

Physical evidence is a one of the biggest parts of the alien abduction syndrome. Consider the case of a woman from London, England. Paula Smith claims to have been abducted more than 50 times, and has produced bruises as evidence that she is being taken at night. (4) Generally these appear to be small surgeries that seem to appear on ones body during sleep periods. Not everyone has the courage to come forward to share their experiences, but some do. (5, 6, 7) I too have my share of these marks, and speaking from personal experience, it is very difficult to come up with a “reasonable” explanation when small surgeries appear over night in places where you could not make them if you wanted to. More victims, often called experiencers, need to come forward and show the wounds that they incur.

Abductions can be mass abductions as well. Take the case of four men who were on a camping trip in the Allagash wilderness. Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz, and twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, all students at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, claim to have been abducted in the wilderness. (8) While the other three men stuck to their story, Chuck Rak did not, claiming that he initially did it for the money. Rak however has admitted that he saw the same lights that the other men did.

Missing time is a concept that is integral to the alien abduction syndrome. One researcher who is at the forefront of such issues is Budd Hopkins, who dealt with people who claimed alien abduction and missing time. People who never would have come forward to report their experiences on their own may go to a UFO researcher like Hopkins willingly. (9)

Alien implants taken out of experiencers are no unknown. Take for instance Dr. Roger Leir, who was famous for taking small metallic objects out of patients who claimed alien abduction. (10) He is known for his “Alien Scalpel” Series where he took objects of out people, generally out of their feet.

One question that arises is why do not all these victims recall their experiences? it is hard to say, but there is a condition known as hysterical amnesia, where a person’s mind blocks an incident that is too terrifying to deal with. (11)

One of the most egregious and well known incidents was the Travis Walton incident. Working on a a seven man logging crew November 5, 1975, Travis Walton says that he was abducted by an alien craft. (11) All men on the crew did witness some kind of craft above Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. The other men scattered when Walton was hit by a blue-green beam and knocked to the ground. The Travis Walton incident remains one of the most celebrated UFO abduction incidents to date, and is impossible to just explain away.

We have barely touched the surface here. Alien abduction is a controversial subject with no clear resolution. Perhaps the Bible may have a clue. In Genesis 32:22–32, the Bible describes Jacob wrestling with an angel, and Enoch got taken. Perhaps we can find clues to alien abduction from our religious texts.

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