Tyrannical mayors worldwide plan coordinated attacks on civil liberties and mass incarceration

Lately the 15 minute city concept has been getting a great deal of attention. In my previous blog post we discussed a hypothetical 15 minute city using exact definitions and math. It showed how at best the people would be crammed into an area, packed into small spaces in huge apartment buildings. This however is only the beginning of the tyranny. Mayors worldwide are contemplating organized tyranny against huge populations. Ultimately if not stopped, these mayors may incarcerate entire populations. Today we will provide numerous examples of these tyrants, and some voices of reason.

One of the smaller groups of tyrants is the C-40 cities.org who are under 100 (for now) mayors who are dedicated to taking the freedoms of their citizens away. (1) The amazing thing is that these tyrants are from all corners of the globe, and naturally will support the mass incarceration centers that we know as the 15 minute cities. They brag on their home page that they control 20% of the global economy. It used to be that this type of trans-national tyranny would be impossible on a large scale, but it seems times (or perhaps something else) has changed.

It must be stated that here in the United States, treaties are ratified by the US Senate. That has not stopped these tyrant mayors from launching an all out, coordinated assault on our freedoms, which at best will result in a severely degraded lifestyle.

The global covenant of mayors claims to be much bigger, and claims to control 12,707 cities and 1.102 billion people. That is about 1/8 of the world population, or 12.5%. (2). This is a truly terrifying statistic, considering the evil havoc that the NAZIs wreaked on a much smaller population.

Yet another group of tyrants is centered here in the United States called “Climate Mayors” decided to continue the climate tyranny after the United States pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, effectively skirting the law. (3) Kate Wright is the executive director, and helps run a network of 750 mayors, threatening the civil liberties of 60 million Americans located in 45 states. This one tyrant, along with her accompanying mayors, is threatening the civil liberties of close to 1/7 of Americans!

The United States conference of mayors boasts 1066 mayors across the United states. “Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was the founder of this movement”. This group of tyrannical mayors includes some dedicated leftists such as Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles. (4).

The list is certainly not devoid of single tyrants. One voice is Albuquerque mayor Tim Keller, who signed onto the aforementioned conference of mayors. It is a safe bet that this individual would be friendly toward locking his citizens down. (5)

Tyranny does not come in all at once, to be sure. Tyranny is a gradual thing. Not even the NAZI’s in Germany were quick about it. This is about gradually eroding the rights and freedom of citizens world wide. It will probably be mild and move to severe as time goes along. (6) Climate lockdowns may include things like “20 minute” neighborhoods and low traffic areas. (7)

Climate change is not the only item on their agenda. It seems certain racial groups are being targeted. Witness the bill that was introduced in the House of representatives H.R.794 – Climate Emergency Act of 2021. “

Individuals and families on the frontlines of climate change across the United States, including territories, living with income inequality and poverty, institutional racism, inequity on the basis of gender and sexual orientation, poor infrastructure, and lack of access to health care, housing, clean water, and food security are often in close proximity to environmental stressors or sources of pollution, particularly communities of color, indigenous communities, and low-income communities, which—

(A) are often the first exposed to the impacts of climate change;”.

This is standard socialist dogma, blaming a group for the problems of others, and it does hint that White people in particular may be targeted. (8)

Climate lockdowns have been contemplated since at least 2020. One site even blamed the Wuhan flu pandemic (very questionable just to start) on climate change! (9)

Unfortunately in the fight to protect ourselves from those who would restrict and ultimately eliminate our freedom under the guise of fighting climate change, allies in the mayor positions are few. It appears that most mayors, under fear of being looked at as going against the “protectors” are caving to the push to suspend civil liberties. Such a world wide attack on civil liberties, encompassing many different political philosophies, is unprecedented. It points to a much bigger agenda, by (perhaps) unseen and unknown overseers who may be in control of the world. While this cannot as of now be proven, it needs to be considered. Something is happening, and it is not a sudden rise in temperatures. It’s a sudden love of tyranny. Be sure to see my accompanying video on the subject. (11)

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