The Stockholm Syndrome and the Pandemic

One thing that is remarkable about the tyrannical captivity of humans of other humans is a psychological condition known as the Stockholm syndrome. Prisoners will tend to start identifying and sympathizing with their captors. The Stockholm Syndrome gets its name from a 1973 bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, where hostages held for days began having sympathy for their captors. (1). Today we will discuss tyrannical actions by governments world wide and how many agree with the actions. The Stockholm syndrome appears to be in full action during a highly controversial pandemic.

In early 2020, we were told of a virus that erupted in Wuhan, China. It quickly became known as SARS Cov-2, or more usually Covid. In late March, after the virus had spread to the USA, the population was locked down in most states, with the promise of its only being 15 days. We now know that this was dishonest, a trick to pacify the sheeple. (2). It depended where you were; a few places did nothing, such as South Dakota. Other states, including my home state of New York, imposed destructive Draconian lockdowns, closing businesses and creating massive hardship across the land. In Washington, DC citizens were literally placed under house arrest! (3)

Meanwhile, lockdowns overseas were severe. You can find a map of this here. (4) The nefarious Chinese government went as far as to weld or seal people in their homes, leaving them to die of disease and hunger. (5)

People were basically taken hostage by their own governments, and it got worse with social media censorship, who imposed another kind of imprisonment. The censorship of information is a type of psychological imprisonment used by tyrants. (6) Naturally we are well aware that keeping information from prisoners in concentration camps is central to operations. It does not matter if you are talking about National Socialism or Communism. The tactics are the same.

All of this points to mind control and mass psychosis. (7) There is no denying that governments use mind control to control the masses. One example from history is the now declassified MK Ultra program, which was dismissed as a conspiracy theory, until the program was declassified. (8)

A discussion here would not be complete without mentioning the massive propaganda coming from the media. With most private sources censored, most turn to Mainstream media, which has ceaselessly promoted the pandemic. Numbers are flashed on the screen constantly, and the virus is promoted likewise is promoted twenty four hours per day.

All this points to the brainwashing of the masses. Isolation, and the constant use of fear, are two of the tools of brainwashing, a term coined after the brutal mind control techniques of the Chinese on American servicemen during the Korean war. (9) Today, the lockdowns continue in many to most places around the world, with people being kept from one another, and constantly bombarded by fear, with the flashing numbers on their screens and the cries of doomsday about the deadly virus variant of the day. This is the same psychological conditioning that goes on day after day, with citizens all over the world being kept in a tacit psychological prison. One Australian official ordered Australian citizens not to talk to one another! (10)

All of this has resulted in a polarization, which may be fueled by the Stockholm Syndrome. (11). The world is rapidly forming into two camps, those who accept without question what they are being told about the pandemic, and agree with restrictions for their own safety, and those who don’t. This divide is only growing, with protests over Draconian measures world wide, while others simply accept everything that they hear and parrot it.

No one is immune to the propaganda. One of the most famous examples of the Stockholm Syndrome was that of Patricia Hearst, who was taken hostage by the Symbionese Liberation Army and eventually worked with them (12). Such seems to be the case with many all over the world who believe that a raging pandemic is decimating the world. They have identified with their captors, who are social media, errant public officials and yellow journalism media.

One more thing before I close. The reason I brought up Patricia Hearst is, that ironically she was an heiress to the Hearst family fortune, which was built in part on yellow journalism. In his case it contributed to the Spanish-American war. It’s hard to say where today’s yellow journalism over a treatable virus from China will lead us. All we can do is try to educate people on what is happening to them and why.



  1. Its a shame to spread this stuff when we in this country alone have lost OVER 830,000 family members due to the COVID.

  2. From Bill: Why don’t you and Congressman Greene get together. You seem to be in the same agreement with her. You Republicans are all the same.

  3. Where there is abject unquestionable truth on it’s face without any room to dispute? There will always be trolls dispersed to silence you or try to discredit you. I had a page with one million in 2019 taken down by facebook. Ahead of the pandemic. I had the Illuminati Brotherhood stalking my page daily for three and a half years prior to that. They were pretending to recruit people to discredit my page. Every day I would ban them and every single day sometimes multiple times a day a new account would be created on facebook to continue the trolling. I was just banned for twelve hours on Twitter for saying that the shot is a nano particle. And it is. I appealed with documentation. Including this. Which everyone needs. The David E Martin Fauci Criminal file. Read. Publish. Have a great day.

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