The Reichstag fire and the January 6, 2021 protest comparison

It was February 27, 1933 and National Socialism had taken hold in Germany. The NAZI party had taken hold of Germany, but did not have full control. An event called the Reichstag fire was used to solidify the National Socialist grip on power. On January 6, 2021 an event would happen that has both interesting (and terrifying) parallels to the Reichstag fire. Today we will look at the Reichstag fire and its parallels to the January 6 protest.

The NAZIs, as with all tyrants, wanted full power over the country of Germany, but did not have a majority. It is largely believed that the NAZI’s formulated a plan to burn the German Reichstag and to blame it on the communists. (1)

Fascism has as its basic premise the idea of blaming the problems of society on one or more groups. This is exactly what the NAZI’s did. NAZI propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels devised a plan whereby a team of 10 men, led by Karl Ernst, would enter the Reichstag through a tunnel and set the building on fire. This is known as a false flag event. (2) The NAZI government under Chancellor Adolf Hitler, had already begun restricting the press and the ability of the public to meet in public gatherings. (3) Tyranny was well underway in Germany before the false flag Reichstag fire. Marinus van der Lubbe, an unemployed Dutch man, was given the blame for the fire and later executed. The stage was set for the tyranny in Germany that we all know too well.

The times have changed greatly, but tyranny stays the same. The United States had been locked down by petty tyrants all over the country, due to a so-called pandemic which is looking more and more questionable every day. Public gatherings were limited or eliminated under the guise of the pandemic. As was the case with Joeseph Goebbels and his propaganda ministry, silencing public dissent was a priority. Goebbels however had far fewer things to censor. Electronic communications were limited to radio and telegraph for the most part, whereas today communications options are nearly limitless. Limiting communications had to be a priority for the so-called Deep State. The US government set about doing just that, working with social networking companies to silence ordinary citizens who had the “wrong” opinions. (5) As with the National Socialists in Germany, the grip on power was not complete, however. With the contentious election of year 2020, came claims of election fraud that we all know too well, and many simply do not believe what they have been told. Joe Biden was pronounced the winner of the election, and angry voters would soon clash with his incoming administration. The stage was set for the January 6 protests.

On inauguration day, January 6, 2021, large numbers of protesters gathered in the nation’s capital, to protest the inauguration of Joe Biden as president. One person, Ashley Babbit, was unarmed and was shot by capital police. (8)

Many stormed the capitol building, with lawmakers fleeing. To be sure, the scene was chaotic. (7) The aftermath however paints a different picture than does the official tale.

Illegally hidden from public scrutiny is 14,000 hours of video footage which the capital police will not allow us to see. (9) The public is left, in NAZI propaganda style, with government approved clips, provided by what is essentially state media, and the public is not allowed to examine facts for themselves.

One thing that is coming out is that much to most of this protest may have been instigated by the FBI and BATF as a false flag. It appears that at least 20 government agents infiltrated the protest in a move to stir up trouble. (10)

Censorship of the events has been rampant, with ordinary citizens facing being silenced, both over the election and January 6. Certainly no one was allowed to question the Reichstag fire, and Americans are not being allowed to question the January 6 events.

The blame had to fall on someone, and it was not rogue government agents that it fell on. Make America Great Again (MAGA) protesters were blamed, and then the political arrests began. at least 910 have been arrested so far, and good luck figuring out who was actually doing wrong as opposed to who was exercising their First Amendment rights. (11)

Dozens of Americans have been taken as political prisoners, and have not been charged. Many are reportedly being abused and sadistically tortured in one or more Washington DC prisons. Beatings, humiliation and starvation is being used against Americans who are essentially political prisoners. (12) This would have been typical of the National Socialists after the Reichstag fire, but it is happening here in the USA with political prisoners being tortured on a daily basis.

Political persecution based on January 6 is not slowing down. The persecutions are ongoing with the January 6 committee. It will stop at nothing to “get” their primary target, Donald Trump. (13). This is known as a show trial of sorts, in Soviet style. It is not being conducted as a real trial, with exculpatory evidence and defense not allowed.

It truly looks like the current “swamp” government is consolidating its power to control and eliminate the influence of the American people. Joe Biden has even taken to threatening the “MAGAs” who in reality just normal people trying to make a living. Biden has threatened to use F-15 fighter jets against Americans, singling out the “MAGAs” the same way that certain groups were singled out and blamed in National Socialist Germany. (14) Also on September 1, 2022 (ironically the start of the Second world War, Biden once again named his enemies, about 74 million of them, in a speech in Philadelphia, PA. (15) This was clearly done to intimidate voters, which is blatantly illegal.

An authoritarianism has arisen and must be stopped. Failure to do so could lead to a tragedy even greater than that caused by National Socialism in Germany. The parallels of how the NAZIs used the Reichstag fire, and how Nancy Pelosi and the January 6 committee, Joe Biden and the so-called DC swamp are using January 6 to consolidate power, are stark. The times may change, but tyranny does not get better. It only gets worse.


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