The Dark Age of Science

Scientists have often been persecuted for their beliefs in history. It’s a fact. One of the most famous cases was the astronomer Galileo, who was persecuted daring to suggest that the Earth orbited the sun. In his case, he went up against the Catholic church, which basically was in control of the Italian government, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. A Spanish physician, Michael Servetus of about the same time period, also went up against the protestant church for discovering pulmonary circulation and was subsequently burned at the stake. (1)

These persecutions are a matter of history, but science seems to be entering a new dark age, worse even than those Rennaissance scientists that were just mentioned. Today it is not theocracy that scientists are up against, and there are no witch burnings for heresy. But the persecution is just as real and is unconscionable. Our main focal point today will be the pandemic and the persecution of the myriads of scientists who are doing research on the coronavirus origins and the so-called vaccines against it. Although there are no cheering crowds watching cruel executions, the persecution is just as real, and is all with the blessing of ignorant masses. Some other subjects such as global warming also should get attention.

Before we get started on today’s atrocities, we should mention the Scopes Monkey trial, which was another case where there was a fight between science and religion, and science lost. A Dayton, Tennesse teacher named John T. Scopes went up against what was essentially religious dogma similar to what happened with many others in history. He attempted to teach Darwin’s theory of evolution, which got him in trouble with the state’s Butler Act, which prohibited the teaching of anything but Biblical dogma. Scopes was convicted and fined. (2)

In late 2019, a virus began circulating in Wuhan, China that we are all familiar with. At first, all the people had to go on we scary news stories on the various networks. However, some scientists started to question the origin of the virus, which the mainstream media maintains to this day was a bat or other animal purchased at a Chinese wet market. Dr. Michael Worobey, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Arizona, declared this, and the media quickly made this the official narrative. (3)

Soon, however, some noted that Wuhan has biological research lab nearby, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and questions were raised about the origins of the virus. The National Library of Medicine steadfastly maintains the animal origin story, and with the mainstream media doing the same, the stage was set for persecution. (4)

Dr Roland Wiesendanger, a physicist from the University of Hamburg, published a paper on the origin of the virus, stating that he was 99.9% certain that the virus came from the lab. Immediately after, he was blasted by his peers for not embracing the animal narrative. (5) The denial for this may have a political origin, hatred for former president Donald Trump and may have less to do with actual science. (6)

Sources who are in the good graces of the American Left, such as the Scientific American, viciously attack scientists who have the nerve to question the origin of the virus. (7)

Time passed, and so-called vaccines came along, most of them using an experimental technology known as mRNA technology. Soon questions began to arise about its safety and efficacy. That’s when more serious persecution started.

Incredibly, one of the co-inventors of the technology, Dr. Robert Malone, has been publicly attacked for questioning the safety of the “vaccine’. Yet Malone is no anti-vaccine advocate. He fully supports vaccinations. Shunned by the scientific community, Malone is defamed as some kind of fringe individual conspiracy theorist, when he is not. (8)

Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya is another man of science who has been mercilessly persecuted for questioning the elites. He is quoted as saying “When you take a position that is at odds with the scientific clerisy, your life becomes a living hell,” Bhattacharya said Saturday at an Academic Freedom Conference hosted at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. “You face a deeply hostile work environment.” (9) He has spoken out against the lockdowns and the terrible treatment of the people during the pandemic and has been harassed by his peers and others.

The social media giants have been a big part of this persecution. Take for instance a video, and a Tweet, containing an interview by Vlogger Joe Rogan with the above-mentioned Robert Malone. Doctor Malone claimed that the USA now is much like NAZI, Germany where the people were hypnotized into believing in extreme measures. (10) Malone has also been banned from Twitter for expressing his opinions.

Anyone, regardless of credentials, who questions the safety and efficacy of the “vaccine” is called various disparaging names such as “conspiracy theorist” or “disinformation specialist”. Even magazines, which ironically depend upon First Amendment freedoms, seek to censor any opinions that run contrary to the official narrative. Take for example an article by Rolling Stone which quotes one of the persecutors who wants to shut down anything but the official narrative. His name is Sander van der Linden, who is a sociology professor at Cambridge University, and who is an enemy of free speech. (12) Some internet sites even have the nerve to blame “conspiracy theorists” when someone dies from the virus. This article from NPR is an example of this. (13)

Now for just a short, we will switch gears and look at the global warming. We see the same pattern here. Boston University, which ironically was recently caught performing gain of function research on the coronavirus. (15) Boston university has an article where they speak about this subject, as well as how to silence anyone who does not believe the official narrative. (14) Silencing anyone who questions the official narrative is the objective. Some sites even single out an enemies list, as does a site called “Before the Flood”. (16) On their front page is a list of ten people who they call “climate change deniers”.

There is a shadowy group that I recently learned of but have not fully researched. One site is called Science Feedback. They may be the subject a future post as this is yet another censorship- oriented organization which is allied with others, claiming to be scientists. (17)

The times and technology change, but some things stay the same. The addiction to power requires the censorship, establishing one single narrative for any subject. I remember one tyrant who did this. He is credited with killing at least 6 million human beings. He was an Austrian citizen known as Adolph Hitler.


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