Operation Warp Speed: Death Race

We are all familiar with the events of the past 2 1/2 years, how a virus from Wuhan, China so terrorized the world. Then along came President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” with the intention of stopping the spread of the Wuhan virus. It failed, and the Wuhan virus is now ubiquitous. Breakthrough cases, where the “vaccine” failed to protect the individual, are too numerous to count. It gets worse, however. A terrifying holocaust seems to be happening. The “vaccine” is causing ailments and death at a terrifying pace. It is a silent holocaust. Today we will examine the deaths and crippling events that can be directly attributed to the “vaccine”, and other trends of death and illness that can be traced to the “vaccine”.

It is clear that some people are being directly crippled by the vaccine, their lives ruined and their bodies often hopelessly crippled by the “vaccine”. One unfortunate woman in San Diego, for example, was stricken by  transverse myelitis shortly after taking her first shot. It is an inflammation of the nerves in the spine. Tiffany Daly collapsed at work, and has lost the use of her legs. The incident has been blamed on the Moderna “vaccine”. (1)

Despite claims to the contrary, these cases are far from rare. A private website, utilizing CDC data, has compiled the information in user friendly form. (2) The data is based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). (3) It should be noted that the VAERS site is known to receive only a small fraction of data concerning the “vaccine”. An additional CDC resource can be found here. (4)

One malady that was relatively rare before the “vaccine” is called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). An alternate name for this death is sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. Younger adults are simply dropping dead, and at ever rising numbers. (5) Myocarditis and other undiagnosed inflammation and damage to the heart of younger adults are some of the root causes of this.

Another malady that is linked to the “vaccine” is called Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). As hinted earlier by CDC data, the “vaccine” is causing damage to the human immune system, leaving it more open to attack by the Wuhan virus and other pathogens. These “vaccines” do not work the same as conventional vaccines and force the body to produce a spike protein in order to get an immune response. (6) Doctors are also raising the alarm at the rising tide of cancers, which again is related to the “vaccine”. A compromised immune system cannot destroy budding cancers as quickly and easily as a robust one can. (7)

The NIH claims that there is no relation between the “vaccine” and human fertility. (8) However, information is coming out concerning Womens’ menstrual cycles (which are their fertility cycles) and it appears that the “vaccine” is causing disturbances, which inherently will affect their fertility. (9). On the other side, men’s sperm counts are apparently dropping. An Israeli study has linked the “vaccine” with decrease in sperm counts. (10) We may be looking at a significant reduction in the human species’ ability to reproduce itself.

All of this has not gone unnoticed by life insurance companies. Deaths of younger adults not associated with the “vaccine” are reported to be up 40%! (11) The supposition could be that the aforementioned SADS could be killing people at an accelerated pace.

One heartbreaking video of an airline pilot who nearly lost his life, and will never fly again because of the shot, can be found here. (12). Captain Bob Snow head a heart attack shortly after being forced to take the “vaccine” or lose his job. Now he has lost his livelihood and his health. This is far from unusual, however. A US army flight surgeon, Lt. Col. Theresa Long, has warned about the deadly effects of shots and the Army’s lack of watching for adverse effects. (13)

Good journalists like Stew Peters are leading the way in examining the deadly effects of the “vaccine”. This report is about the deaths of children due to the “vaccine”. (14) A companion story to this comes from a Toronto area casket maker who says that orders of child sized caskets are way up. (15).

While on the topic of death from the shots, it would be incomplete for me to not include information about “things” being taken out of people’s bodies. Dr. Jane Ruby, along with Stew Peters, is examining reports of “things” sometimes five feet long being flushed out of peoples’ veins by embalmers. These things need to be studied to find out what these things are, but they appear to be related to the “vaccine”. (16)

I have only gone over some of the basics here. What I found was, no matter what my search terms were, the lead result was this pro-vaccine website. (17). It’s hard to come up with information when search results are being intentionally manipulated. One thing is for certain, however. Something is happening, a race to spread death.

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