Masks: The new security blanket

A common theme among children is the concept of a security blanket. Small children tend to get a sense of security from their “blankees” and that is a part of growing up. As we will see however there is a new security blanket that has made its way into our society. It is called the face mask, and for many adults it is the security blanket that they longed for most of their lives.

Look in any active parking lot in America and almost anywhere else and you will see them, the masked people desperately clinging to their masks, thinking they will protect them from a dreaded (and somewhat questionable disease). They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, both the masks and the people. Meanwhile, a small child will not go anywhere without their “blankee”. The similarity is just too striking. Some adults go as far as driving a vehicle alone while wearing their masks, while others jog and exercise out of doors. Anyway you look at it, they are clinging to their masks as security blankets or even checkboxes where “checking the box” is what they think they are doing.

We know how this got started, but not how it ends. Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with “wear a mask” signs. It got so bad that president Trump tweeted that the face masks represent “silence, slavery, and social death”. (1)

An entire industry, spurred on by the face mask requirements not only of government but private sector industry as well, has sprung up. Masks of every shape, size and appearance now adorn faces, or perhaps just muzzle mouths. (2)

The fear of a questionable virus, which may well be a genetically engineered pathogen, is being used to justify the continued forced wearing of the masks ordered by politicians and bureaucrats, and the sheeple for the most part seem willing to oblige them.

Still, while some sheeple cling to their security blankets (apparently not realizing that’s what they are), some states are eliminating mandates for masks altogether, much to the outrage of the media. (3)

In blue states, I would not expect mask mandates to go away anytime soon. The masks and the lockdowns have represented an unparalleled level of control that leftist politicians enjoyed, all the while many of them went to lavish restaurants and other venues without masks, and most were unfazed that they got caught. (4)

We can also expect that where there is a congressman, there is a lobbyist. Masks are big money, and your average congressman spends much of their time with their hands held out. As state mandates start to fade, the lobbyists for the mask industry will surely be there to grease their palms, while many of the sheeple will be happy to keep them in business by clinging to their security blankets.




  1. This is silly. It’s also not new. People were attacking mask mandates back in 1918, too. Just as foolishly.

    While there are no doubt some people for whom it increases a sense of personal security, the purpose of requiring masks is to limit the spread of the disease. They work.

  2. You probably know my opinions on masks already Arti….They’re a cruel joke. They serve no legitimate purpose. The virus itself is a hoax that the enemy has used to overthrow the country and shut down the economy.

    From the public perspective, I agree with you that to many of the sheep on the left, they not only have become a security blanket, but also a type of virtue signalling device where they can say…Look how responsible I am.

    Personally, I see anyone in a mask and think….what a moron. These people are the reason we lost the country to communists who stole the election and now infest the Whitehouse.

    From the enemy perspective, all the masks do is show the submissiveness of the population to totalitarian authority. Basically they are symbols of obedience that show the enemy how willing the population is to do what they are told, no matter how ridiculous or nonsensical. It’s all about submission to authority and obedience training. It’s about control and manipulation.

    Secondly, the masks act as a means to psychologically condition people to accept the vaccine (which also has nothing to do with any virus). The lie we’ve all heard is, if you take the vaccine, you’ll no longer need the masks and you can go back to normal. So the sheeple take the vaccine…

    And now, the goalposts get moved a little further and they say that the problem now is that we have no way of knowing you took the vaccine so you now need a “passport” to go along with your vaccine!

    So, any time you hear this term “vaccine passport” or whatever term that they come up with to sound as non threatening as possible to describe the same concept, think THE MARK….

    That’s the end game of all of this. To get you to take the mark so that you may go to work, fly on an airplane, go to school, or BUY AND SELL….I think Revelation 13 had a little something to say about this.

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    This is where the masks ultimately lead. Biden’s Mark of the Beast. It’s all about getting us into their control grid. It’s the way the enemy intends to manage and control the large population because there are so few psychopaths trying to control vast numbers. It’s all based upon the CCP model.

    1. Thanks Cy. I am an agnostic but I will take everything under consideration. The masks cause me severe breathing problems at times.

  3. Sorry about my strong opinions on the mask madness, Arti. I realize that businesses like coffee places are forced to comply with this insane stuff coming out of this dysfunctional government in order to stay open, so I didn’t mean to personally insult people who are forced to wear these things.

    In fact, if I lived in Arizona still, I think I’d make a special trip to your coffee shop to partake of your product in order support a fellow American in this time of tyranny…even if I did need to wear a face diaper…

    I wish you all the best…It’s people like you who persevere and pursue that dream in the face of adversity who make America work.

    And nothing can get us back to “normal” quicker than fine traditions like coffee….It’s the simple things and the comforting things that we need to return to.

    I know you probably didn’t see what was coming when you opened your establishment in 2018, but the important thing now is to prevail through this artificially caused crisis and show the enemies of freedom that you can’t keep an American down…..

  4. למעשה, שימוש באמצעים מלאכותיים לטובת עיכוב השפיכה, לא באמת נותן מענה ממוקד ואמיתי לשורשי הבעיה, אלא מוסיף סיבוכיות מיותרת לחוויה המינית והופך את קיום יחסי המין למסורבל יתר על המידה – כך שמה שהתחיל בתור בעיה של רגישות יתר במיטה עשוי להפוך לבעיה אמיתית של חוסר תחושה, אימפוטנציה ואין אונות אמיתית. דירות דיסקרטיות בבת ים

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