Climate Hypocrites

Today we are being told that our activity is causing the Earth to heat up. Human activity, we are being told, will cause the oceans to rise and the globe to burn. There are however those who on the outside look guardians of the planet, yet demonstrate lifestyles that show that they don’t actually believe their own words. Today we will take a look at climate hypocrites.

We are going to start with Barack Obama. One glorious home that Obama has is in Kalorama, Washington DC. It features 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and an expensive garden. It is estimated to be a $8.1 million mansion. (1) That’s is all however. His mansion in Martha’s Vineyard is valued at $11.5 Million and is even more opulent. Yet we are told that Obama fears rising sea levels. That’s a strange claim for someone with a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

In 2010 the hypocrite Al Gore bought an huge mansion in Monticello, California that cost $8,875,000. It is an incredible mansion with fountains, a swimming pool, 6 fireplaces, 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Al Gore lives in luxury while telling us that we have to make do with less. (2) Al Gore’s Nashville home is also opulent, and is an incredible energy hog. (3) Yet Al Gore has the nerve to preach to us about our energy and how we use too much.

Climate John Kerry recently sold his private Jet when he came under fire for burning huge quantities of fuel. It appears that he was embarrassed about his hypocrisy. (4) Kerry is a well known hypocrite but at least he can be “tweaked”.

Climate hypocrite Mark Zuckerberg also has a private jet, and is not as easily embarrassed. His jet recently burned $158,000 in jet fuel (fall 2022) and he continues to preach to us about our travel activities. (5)

Hollywood actress, leftist and climate activist Jane Fonda is, well, fond of huge mansions. If you think she lives in a tiny utilitarian shack like she would like to see the people live in you would be wrong. (6). Jane Fonda is well known for opulent living in huge mansions, especially in Beverly Hills. She is a climate hypocrite and that’s all there is to it.

Another lesser known climate activist actress, Shailene Woodley, instead of living in a small shack like I am sure she would like to see our living in, lives in a fancy, energy guzzling mansion in LA county. (7)

We could go on and on. I have tried to separate the hypocrites from those who actually believe their own stuff. I will finish here with yet another famous climate hypocrite, Prince Harry of the UK. The embodiment of climate hypocrisy, Prince Harry jets around in his private jet, flying it to where else, Los Angeles. (8)

While many struggle just to survive, they are being told to drive electric vehicles and eat bugs, these climate hypocrites fly around the world, claiming to care about the environment and the little people. These are people who are self-important. They are big time hypocrites and need to be called out as such.


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