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Special note from Artifactsofmars

While tyranny rages wild across the globe, the sheeple are asleep. Tyrants want to take away needed energy from the people, and stop farmers from using fertilizers. They simply cannot produce food without it. Politicians are determined to crack down on our civil liberties, attempting to stop the population from having any voice in their own government.

Meanwhile, many to most Americans blithely turn on the 6:30 TV news, thinking they are seeing an actual news broadcast. They are actually seeing a theatrical presentation. I remember watching footage of a hurricane where a brave reporter was sitting in a rowboat paddling away-- until someone walked right by the boat. Though today the mainstream media cannot be trusted, their audience sits back in their easy chairs and think that they are seeing news, believing everything that they see. These are the sheeple, and that is why the Sheeples' Pen exists, to help wake up the sheeple. If I can wake one person up, it will be worth it.


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