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About the Sheeple's Pen. Today we are in trouble. A real virus is being exploited by politicians and officials worldwide in order to trample our freedoms into the dust. It is a fact. Lockdowns have caused immeasurable harm all over the planet. Christian churches, already illegal in many places, are under ruthless assault in the West. Dangerous vaccines are being pushed as a solution, and vaccine "passports" threaten to put a permanent end to the freedoms of those who refuse to be injected with the questionable and dangerous vaccines.

The sheeple are those who blindly follow those who are taking away their freedoms in the name of protecting them. The Sheeple's Pen's mission is to aid in whatever capacity it can in waking up the sheeple and showing them that freedom, and only freedom, is what we must fight for. It won't be easy. Dedicated to tyranny, big tech companies such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many others have been politically censoring everything that we do. Politicians want to torment our former president, Donald Trump. Many of us will never believe that he lost the 2020 election.

The evil has come, and it will take all of us to wake up the sheeple. That is what the Sheeple's pen is all about.