Holocaust Now!

The holocaust. It brings up notions of jack booted NAZI thugs and innocent, emaciated prisoners inside death camps. This is not what we are going to address today, however. Ever since the suspicious pandemic was launched , something has been happening– a disturbing trend toward the same type of totalitarian actions that led to the deaths of millions in National Socialist Germany.

To look at our society today, it does not look especially bad in some places. The traffic clogs the roads, people are out shopping. The only difference is the masks. However, in many places concentration camps are either in place or being planned. Mass extermination cannot be far off.

In Washington State, USA, the state government is already setting up detention camps. We are not talking about field hospitals for the truly sick. These may be camps for the unvaccinated or for those who seem to routinely test positive for the disease. (1) In another state, NY, Assembly bill A 416 would have created the same kind of camps, imprisoning people for up to 60 days and more. This bill, fortunately for New Yorkers, stands little chance of ever seeing a vote. (2). These are two examples of the willingness of some to set up concentration camps right here in the United States. (3)

But it gets worse. In China, people are being locked away in metal boxes which are little more than animal cages. A video containing images of these cages is included in the source, where Chinese citizens are being treated inhumanely. (4) Of course, we might expect that out of a country that has an abysmal record on human rights. After all, it’s well known that there is a separate holocaust against the Uighur population in China, and while this too is a genocide, it is not a direct part of our discussion today. (5) So let’s look at some countries that are considered “Western” and “Safe”.

We will start with Australia. The country of Australia, which is ironically a former prison colony, is known to be incarcerating people who don’t have any disease, but somehow are considered to be threats. (6) Even an Australian senator, Alex Antic, was forcibly detained and held as prisoner in a detention camp in Australia. Concentration camps are now a reality in Australia, and it does not go far from there to start putting people to death. (7)

For the unvaccinated, life is being made increasingly difficult, as it was for German jews. In Austria, they cannot enter businesses or entertainment venues, or just about anywhere. This brutal act of tyranny began last November 15, Austria, while the Czech republic is mandating the shot for those 60 and older. (8)

Now we will look at reports that people are being killed in hospitals here in the USA. Recently the internet was shocked when a nurse claimed that her supervisor had compared the current restrictions of the virus to the National Socialist Holocaust in World War 2. ‘The OP continued: “She started speaking on the protests in Europe and made comparisons to pre-WW ll. She said she would love to see that here. She went on about how the parallels are uncanny and humans are losing their rights like the Jews. I refuse to work with MTG and the like.”‘ This is seems to be a pervasive attitude on the internet. (9)

According to another source, the organs of the unvaccinated are especially prized, as those who have taken the coronavirus vaccine are ineligible to donate organs, and this could in theory lead to organ harvesting. perhaps this is why so many unvaccinated are dying in the hospitals. (10,11)

In New York City, a nurse originally from Nevada is on record as saying that many are being killed in the hospital she works mainly by negligence. (12) This nurse has the courage to speak out. “37-year-old Nicole Sirotek described work at the frontline as like ‘going into the f***ing twilight zone,’ and told of hospital units in such disarray that she was once assigned to care for a patient already in a body bag”.

It is not just nurses speaking out. It’s doctors too. Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet from Truth for Health Foundation for example has spoken out about the murders going on in the hospitals. Dr. Peter McCullough is another doctor who is active in sounding the warnings, and Michael Yeadon, and more. (13) Even Dr. Robert Malone, who says that he invented mRNA technology, says that the vaccine is dangerous. (14)

Where it’s going, I don’t know. Madness does not always have a particular direction, but as more and more whistleblowers step forward and talk about the camps being built and the mayhem in the hospitals, hopefully we will be able to get some action. Another NAZI style holocaust cannot be allowed to happen.

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