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As the attack on our freedom heats up, one of the most contentious issues is gas stoves, which tyrants in the federal government and many tyrants in state governments, such as governor Kathy Hochul of New York want to take away from the citizens. Today we will examine this issue, which is a matter of freedom.

Early in January 2023, Richard Trumka Jr. Who heads the consumer product safety commission, state that he might ban gas fired stoves across the states. This led to a firestorm of protests across the nation, as we saw another one of our freedoms come under attack by a petty tyrant.

Clearly the American Left does not understand the objections of the American people. Leftists like Trumka think that we should be happy to turn over whatever gadget the government wants to seize, so the public anger took him and many public authorities by surprise.

This also goes for the Left wing media, which has been fervent in their efforts to persuade the public on different issues, including this one. Take the article by Time magazine (5). The writer, Nik Popli, acts completely mystified as to why anyone would object to this. After all, having your stove taken away from you is supposed to be for your own good. There will be no more fumes to contend with, and the food will taste just as good, whether it is beetle larvae or worms. I say this because the same mentality is being foisted on us, that we should prefer to eat insects, worms and insect larvae rather than meat.

This is no toothless boogeyman, either. In Europe farmers are under attack, having fertilizer taken away from them which are needed for raising food. It may only be a related subject, but it too is symptomatic of what is going on. Tyrants and dictators are striking at the heart of the people by attacking their food supply. This is just another method. Many people may not be able to buy an induction stove as the author of the video at (1) suggests. The poor could be left with no effective means to cook their food, and many restaurants, reliant on gas for cooking, could be forced to close. That could also happen to manufacturing facilities that rely on gas for devices such as brazing furnaces.

Your restaurant closed, or your factory job taken away? People should be grateful, according to the media. I am quite certain that the Richard Trumka Jr. and his like would be more than happy to make alternatives available. Perhaps your bacon and eggs could be replaced by a bowl full of meal worms in the morning. That sounds really tasty.

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