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After watching the bat story as it refers to the coronavirus origins rapidly falling apart, Leftists have found a new culprit which they desperately hope will draw attention away from the Wuhan lab. A canine animal, the raccoon dog, is now being eyed as the new explanation for the origin of the virus. Today we will look at that and why the story makes no sense.

The first story was that someone had eaten an infected horseshoe bat at a Wuhan, China wet market. However, the initial bat story began to fall apart. An experimental lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology was brought into the spotlight. First of all, the world became well aware that the virus was being experimented on at the institute. For another thing, Metro train line #2 was well known to service the lab, making it all too easy for the virus to spread from the lab to the Wuhan airport. Through huge layers of censorship, it was difficult to get the word out.

However, since the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives, pressure has been increasing to get to the bottom of the pandemic. With the bat story fading, a new one has emerged. We are now expected to believe that the virus spread from raccoon dogs, which despite their appearance are related to foxes.

The claim is that swabs taken at the wet market showed the virus DNA mixed with that of animals, including raccoon dogs. Recently the Department of Energy through Livermore labs grudgingly admitted with “low confidence” that the Wuhan lab is the origin of the virus.

The very fact that the virus appeared first and only at Wuhan is evidential that this did not start in an animal. Why is that? To answer this question, we need to go far back in time before mechanical milking of cattle. Generally, women were the ones that milked cows. Known as milk maids, these women tended to be immune to the smallpox virus. The reason for this is that the cowpox virus that they contracted gave immunity to the women. This was widespread, and if the virus had been endemic in animals, it would only make sense that it would have spread in many places, not just in Wuhan. It’s the same as with the milk maids who wound up immune to smallpox after contracting the mild cowpox virus.

Despite this, the raccoon dogs are the new culprits, blamed for a virus that almost certainly came from a lab. To date, the Wuhan virus has not been found in wild populations where it could have originated from. It appears that is another attempt to protect Anthony Fauci and his shady deals.

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